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Training & Careers

County Helicopters Pty Ltd starts all new employees at ground level, in the capacity of a Mixer/Loader, in order to fully understand the process of becoming a professional Ag pilot. We have found that this is an invaluable platform from which to learn. Full training is provided in the safe handling of chemical, the different types of chemical used for specific applications, chemical and water rates, mixing and loading. In addition to this, the Mixer/Loader acquires on the job skills such as GPS usage for locating the correct property, client liaison, as well as observation of the chemical application process by the helicopter and pilot.

Opportunities are provided for learner pilots to acquire ferry time in order to build up the necessary hours required (generally 200-300 hours) before commencing Agricultural rating training.

All training and supervision is carried out in a controlled environment.

Becoming an Ag pilot is a very rewarding career, with some of the best and most challenging flying achievable with a helicopter.

County Helicopters training and careersCounty Helicopters training and careers